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The Kennedy Center | Culture Caucus

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Photography + Graphics by Studio Muze

Kennedy Center Culture Caucus member Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center has partnered Hail the Creatives to present an arts market, cabaret style performance, and DJ set at the REACH.

An immersive experience curated by local black creatives.

A creative and cultural explosion to include visual and performance art with vendors to support the black creative economy.

What is the Culture Caucus?

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The Culture Caucus is a cohort of individuals and organizations, based in the D.C. area. The Caucus is an incubator and residency program for culture makers. Representing an ecology of cultural practice whose foothold is in the performing arts, the Caucus includes high aptitude entities that are working in other areas. The Kennedy Center seeks to grow a more empowered ecology of culture producers that have a sense of belonging and agency at the Center. We wish to make the REACH a creative home for the Caucus and for their carried constituencies. The Caucus works in coordination with Social Impact team to produce a variety of events, the majority of which occur at the REACH.

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