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Painta' Day , a free, small art festival, will not only celebrate and provide a retrospective look of Shawn Lindsay’s work and evolution as an artist thus far, but it will also highlight and provide a platform for local thriving artists just like Painta.


The day-long event, scheduled for April 8, 2023  has a purpose to promote the notion of,  “living with purpose on purpose,” which Painta strives to live and work by daily.

Several series of work will be incorporated to include: The Wild Style, The Greyscale, The Red Room, The Mirror Selfie series and more. Each series will be accompanied by an interactive activity or installation for guests to enjoy. Snap photos  of yourself with ‘The Mirror Selfie Series,’ or create quick art pieces to take as a souvenir. 


Enjoy original music produced and performed by local artists, bands and DJs. Of course, original artwork, prints and Painta’s Apparel will be available for purchase. 

If you missed Painta Day, No Worries! The exhibition will be up all month long with walk-ins welcome Monday thru Wednesdays from 10am to 5pm. Schedule a private tour for other times.


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