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Join us Saturday, March 14th from 7pm to 9pm at Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center (CHACC), located at 3200 Martin Luther King Avenue SE, as we open ‘From our Travels,’ an art exhibition featuring art from the motherland!

Original art pieces created by black artists from several countries to include Burkina Faso, and more. This is not just an art exhibition but an art sale offering original work for incredible prices.

Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center has a mission to expose, inspire and educate our Congress Heights community to rich arts + cultural opportunities and this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.


AKWAABA returns this February to Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center (CHACC), located at  3200 Martin Luther King Avenue SE.  CHACC  + NationHouse will host it's 2nd Annual Pan-Afrikan extravaganza  + fundraising art exhibit featuring original art created by their students.

Founded by socially conscious visual and performance artists who attended Howard University in the late 1960s, NationHouse Positive Action Center is celebrating its 44th year of educating families in historical and cultural truth.

The name of the exhibit, Akwaaba, means welcome in the Ghanaian language of Twi, and this will be an opportunity to welcome this new partnership with CHACC and the community at large. This month long exhibit with events on February 2nd, 16th and 25th will raise awareness for NationHouse and raise funds for the school's programs and growth. It provides the students and teachers a chance to showcase their art for the wider community.

•February 7th from 7:00pm to 9:30pm -  Opening Reception.

•February 9th from 11:30am to 3pm - Founder’s Brunch.

•February 22nd from 6:30pm to 9pm-  Founder’s Dinner

•February 28th from 7pm, to 9:30pm- Closing Reception


Feel free to stop by CHACC to view and purchase NationHouse's original art pieces, and please come to our events.


This February, let's not just study Black history, let's make it!



Broken Mirrors Still Reflect

Friday, January 17th from 7pm to 9pm - Opening Reception

Join us for the opening of "Broken Mirrors Still Reflect" 

Free entry with light refreshments

About the Artist: 

Native Washingtonian multi-faceted artist ,SCO FLAIR, has been embodied term “Artist” since his vow to full time artistry in 2015. After originally taking on the creative journey as a tattoo artist , SCO decided he wanted to not only expand on portraying  his passion , but to challenge himself in expressing how he sees things while changing the viewers perspective on modern art. This challene and expressive urge led him to pick up a paintbrush.

Using the artistic knowledge he developed tattooing ,applying it with earlier methods he learned throughout grade school ,SCO took no time adjusting to the canvas . Just a few months after painting SCO entered his first artist showcase in which shockingly to himself he had sold out his tickets . Thrilled with his newfound passion SCO became a RAW artist, an artist network that takes pride in highlighting independent talent .

Since he his first showcase, SCO has presented at over 30 events , painting live and showcasing not only local, but in various cities. His self created brand FLAIRNEVERDIES has since been born and he individually curated his first solo exhibition entitled “Dreams x Chaos” in the Summer of 2018 .


Walk a Mile In Our Shoes..

You Will Understand From Whence We Came

Friday, December 13th from 6pm to 9pm - Opening Reception

Join us for the opening of "Walk a Mile in Our Shoes:  You Will Understand from Whence We Came" Friday, December 13th from 6pm to 9pm. Free entry with light refreshments

Artist Statement: What if things weren’t what we knew them to be?

What if the stories of the past were changed by one small detail?

What if the history of slavery was white, slave masters were black and every role of the past were completely reversed?


In these illustrations you will discover that the ethnicities of the oppressors and the oppressed have been reversed. You will see the Caucasian race placed in African-American experiences.  This exhibition is meant to be controversial and thought provoking, challenging the viewer’s mind with the question, “What if?”


The exhibit is intended to assist with the understanding of why “Black Lives Matter” and to bring clarity to all who fight against understanding our stance against injustice.

About the Artist:  Carlos Walker, 37, a budding artist was born and raised in Halifax. Co., Va. to Hilton and Inell Walker, Carlos being the youngest of 6 children. Carlos has been drawing since the early age of eight. He remembers his high school art teacher, Ms. Ferguson as his earliest supporter. Despite his early discovered talent, Walker did not envision a career in art for himself and chose to put his talent to the side. At the young age of 24, Walker found himself facing a 20-year minimum mandatory prison sentence. After serving 13 years, Walker was released and, in the mist, found his way back to art.  While incarcerated, he curated 5 exhibitions, in addition to writing a book based on his personal artwork. His greatest work of art is arguably “Walk a Mile in Our Shoes”, because of its unique portrayal of the black experience. In creating this exhibit, he seeks to show a mirror effect to Caucasians to provide raw insight into what the black experience looks like. Mr. Walker’s pictures have been created with the sole intent to invoke a thought in all who refuse to understand the plight that Blacks have endured in their experience from slavery up until now.


After The Dream; Believe. Rise in Power

Friday, October 18th from 6pm to 9pm - Opening Reception

Join us for the opening of "After the Dream; Believe. Rise in Power" Friday, October 18th from 630pm to 9pm. Free entry with light refreshments

Friday, October 25, 2019 - Fashion Presentation

A live fashion presentation of Lou Dawson's handmade designs. Be present to see her latest Avant Garde collection "Colored People"  in-person and in movement. 

About the Artist:


 Lou Dawson is a self-taught mixed media artist from the NE quadrant of Washington, DC. Her need to create art is inspired by the world she experiences every day, and the spaces that are void of the collective voice of her peers. Her passion lies in the creation of her clothing brand Hueman, and her truth is expressed in her collection of paintings titled, Public Art. To create is to live, and for Lou there is no other option than art, for it is the very fabric of her being. The Hue-man and Public Art collections are the narratives of a story still being developed, a collective renaissance in the making.


“Last Bite of Chocolate City?” a photo exhibit display work by Southeast,

D.C.’s native “Dee Dwyer.” .  The photos are a documentation of black humanity in the “Chocolate City” with most of its focus being in “Southeast D.C.” The city used to have a high population of blacks but due to gentrification there has been a huge decline. Southeast, is the “Last Bite of Chocolate City” that hasn’t been affected heavily by gentrification like the other quadrants however it is slowly happening. The raw images in this exhibit  are thought provoking and will delight the eyes and soul with their beauty.

Friday, July 12th from 6pm to 9pm - Opening Reception

 An opening reception at CHACC featuring Q&A with the Photographer and tour of the exhibition. Merchadise + Prints will be available for purchase.

Light Hor d'oeuvres, wine and champagne will be served.

Sunday, July 14, 2019 2:30pm-­‐ "The Chocolate City Experience"

The experience will be a re-­‐creation of an average beautiful day in a “Chocolate City” neighborhood. We will have live entertainment by “Black Alley” Gogo band, Photography tours through the exhibit, vendors from the District, food, drinks, giveaways, Beat Your Feet, Chess, Double Dutch, Braiding competitions and much more. The experience will also provide resources for the community needs.

"The Chocolate City Experience"

THE RECAP by Michael A. McCoy Photography