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The artwork is presented through a cross-cultural perspective that represents past, present, and future. Each piece is inspired in equal parts by American & Nigerian culture, thus representing the artist’s social and cultural upbringing. Nigeria represents his past: his roots, his origin, his biological composition while and the America represents the present: his current location, socialization, and upbringing.

Each piece communicates the cross between both cultures, just as the artist himself communicates a cross between both cultures. The artist chose his own family as the subjects because they each have unique characteristics that have shaped the way the artist thinks.

They have also deposited a piece of themselves in his heart and life. The artist’s parents emigrated from Nigeria decades ago bringing with them a wildly unique way of communicating, connecting, and living. The Nigerian style of parenting juxtaposed with the American style of child rearing left the artist at an intersection, excited to share how both sides of his world has shaped his thinking and artistic expression. Embracing this double-edged journey has helped the artist develop and grow into the man he is today.

The artist used a mix of graphic design and fine arts techniques to produce the pieces. He transferred the process of layering, which is a popular technique in graphic design programs, to his portrait pieces by utilizing cross-hatching. Cross-hatching brings out the layers and creates a sense of movement and life. Fine point pens, markers, paint brushes, and fingers were used to produce the pieces.

The overall experience enabled the artists to bring his two worlds together and better understand himself. This project is the PZay Experience.


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