Originial Artwork by Jofo Fekwa

Acrylic on Canvas

40" x 33"


Artist Biography: Jojo Fekwa is an artist from Cameroon, Africa who has found refuge in the streets of Washington, D.C. for nearly two decades. Fekwa was 8 years old and in Cameroon when his mother gifted him his first paint set. Since then his art has hung in exhibitions from Paris to Miami to right here in the Nation’s capital. While in the District, Fekwa has searched and adopted popular and ‘eclectic’ street corners as his personal studio. He’s set up shop in Dupont Circle, at Ridge Road, Alabama Avenue in Southeast and now his most latest location 14th Street near Swan Street in Northeast.Fekwa paints several masterpieces a day. He sets up early in the morning, unloading his van and setting up all his painting tools. He collects cut boards and scrap fabrics to create his own canvases and paints until the sun sets and daylight returns the next day.

Abstract 2 x Jofo Fekwa (Unframed)

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